My Worst Christmas Ever

Things around our household have been busy this holiday season. Chele’s and my anniversary vacation down in Anguilla was incredible, but it did have an unexpected consequence: we have been two steps behind for the entire month of December. You see, our usual schedule was severely thrown off by the week-long trip and our marathon training did not help the schedule backlog either. As a result, we felt a overly busy this entire holiday season, even up to the night of Christmas Eve.

The Yeah, but’s
Yes, we did manage to stick with many of our traditions, but things always seemed rushed. Michele and I never felt like we could take a moment to enjoy what we were doing. Sure we took a trip to the mountains to get our Christmas tree, but we felt rushed. Sure we trimmed the tree with a fire and Christmas music in the background, but we felt tired. Sure we made our gingerbread house, but we felt like it was too late. Sure we drove around to see the Christmas lights, but we felt like there were too many distractions. Every step along the way we felt like this was probably our worst Christmas ever.

We temporarily got lost
Something got lost along the way. What was it? We lost the fact that we were having a great time doing these activities, if only we had realized it. At times, we lost the fact that we were creating some incredible memories with our family. The funny thing is this: what I will end up remembering long after this month has left is that had a great time and I will remember the fun that we did have… in spite of our (in the moment) selves. What we did not realize in our moments of feeling that this was our worst Christmas ever was that our feelings were wrong. This was actually our best Christmas ever, if only we would open our eyes!

Our lesson
The lesson I want to take away from these facts is this: enjoy each moment I have. Do not let my temporary feelings blind me from the fact that we are actually having a great time. We are so truly blessed and the Lord has His gracious hand on us every moment of every day. Thus, I need to learn to enjoy each moment, regardless of how I try to feel at that time.

Learning contentment
Not that I was ever in need, for I have learned how to be content with whatever I have. – Philippians 4:11
Yet true godliness with contentment is itself great wealth. – 1 Timothy 6:6
So if we have enough food and clothing, let us be content. – 1 Timothy 6:8

Lasting memories from my best Christmas ever
Here are the memories I will take away from this year’s incredible Christmas with my family. What I hope you will notice is all of the smiling faces and incredible memories. Thanks Chele and Ashe for helping me make great memories! Let’s remember this as we are making them next year.