Quiet Strength – What Is Your Significance

Last Wednesday we had a great conversation about what is your significance. We touched on quite a few areas related the important things in our lives versus our daily tasks. We looked at whether our daily tasks were leading us to or away from focusing on the most important things. We also looked at those people who had major impacts on our lives and other people we, ourselves, have had major impacts on as well.

We had such a great discussion that our time ran out. I said that we would follow-up with the discussion by letting everyone put their two cents in. Here is your chance.

Read Mark 10:17-31. Afterward, throw your thoughts down about the following questions in the comments below.

1. In verse 19, Jesus lists six of the Ten Commandments. What do the commandments he listed have in common, and why do you think Jesus chose these commandments?
2. What is the “one thing” that the rich young man lacked (in verse 21)? Why do you suppose this was a problem for that man?
3. What does the rich young man’s response in verse 22 have to do with significance?
4. What do you think this account reveals about what God values? What does verse 31 say about significance?

So what are your thoughts on these four questions? I look forward to seeing what you have to say!