So That!

I am not a big wristband wearer. I avoided the temptation to wear the WWJD wristband. I resisted wearing the Livestrong wristband. I just plain ignored the hundreds of other wristbands available.

So That! Wristband

I avoided wearing them… until now. Last night Forest Hill Church asked us to wear a wristband for an entire year. The band serves to remind us of our purpose as Christians: to serve the least and the lost. Our bracelets say “So That!”

Why “so that”? Essentially, at the end of our lives we will have two responses to how we lived. We can look back on our lives and say “so what”? We may have made money. We may have been successful and accomplished many things, but so what? What type of impact did we have on other people’s lives?

Here is the other option. We can live so that we have an impact on other people’s lives. We can serve the poor. We can also rescue non-believers and snatch them from the flames by showing them the love of Jesus Christ.

So, how are you going to live out 2009? Are you going to to live a so what life or a so that life? I pray that my constant reminder will help me live a so that life.