Why I Will Remain A Snowboarder

This guy had a seriously bad day when he fell through his chair lift. Fortunately for the skier, his ski caught him. Unfortunately for him, his pants decided to stay with the seat leaving him exposed to the harsh elements.

I cannot imagine this happening to a snowboarder. I believe us “one-sticks” would just smoothly fall right through the seat, landing board-first in some fresh pow.

What do you think?

Vail Skier Having One Bad Day

Vail Skier Having One Bad Day

Thanks, JH Underground for the heads-up on this photo. This gives me further reason to continue to wax up my Burton come winter.

Comments (2)

  1. I saw this last week on and couldn't stop laughing. Yea, it would suck to be him but wow… What are the chances!! I agree, keep snowboarding if for no other reason than to keep one's "pants on"!! [still laughing]