Will Work For Quarters

Michele and I decided that it is time for Asher to begin taking on some chores. He turns three tomorrow and we figured he could handle a few tasks around the house. We also decided to pay him a little bit of money for his assistance with a few of the chores. We thought 25¢ would work for the “commissioned” chores. That seems to be pretty fair, but then we started looking at how much money he could earn a month. He could potentially rake in $20 to $30 per month. Wow! That is not too bad for a three year old.

Asher helping with the dishes one year ago

Asher helping with the dishes one year ago

We want Ashe to get used to helping around the house. We also want him to receive some cash so we can teach him how to be smart with his money. Mainly we want to teach him how to tithe and save a portion of what he receives.

Maybe we need to rethink the commission system or perhaps that amount is okay. How do/would you pay your child for tasks around the house? How much is too much or too little for a child?

Here is how a few of Ashe’s chores break down:

Commission based

  • Feed LC (our dog)
  • Wash nightly dishes after dinner
  • Empty small trash cans (once or twice per week)
  • Help us fold the laundry

Being-part-of-the-family based

  • Pick up his toys
  • Clean his own dishes during breakfast and lunch
  • Make up his bed
  • Pick up his dirty laundry

So what are your thoughts?

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  1. This is awesome…
    I guess I didn't think about this for our 3 year-old, Evan. He would so enjoy this. I do agree with your separation of family-based chores vs 'over-and-above' chores. One can't simply pay off your children to help around the house or they'd never learn responsibility. But your idea of 'commission-based' chores will only help a future work ethic!

    Forwarding this post to my wife now!

    • Yeah, Ashe really enjoys it. I hope Evan does also. I am curious to see how you break his chores apart for "commission-based" and family-based.

      What does your wife think about this??

      • Brin and I discussed this for a while this evening and here's what we came up with as a family. I think we're going to separate based on 'regularly scheduled' vs 'projects'.

        Regularly scheduled :: Anything that is done on a daily or weekly basis such as dishes, cleaning up after himself, feeding the dog, setting table (granted at 3 he might be a tad young for all these at the moment).

        Projects :: Anything that is not regularly done such as raking leaves, house projects, cleaning the car etc.

        The reason why we decided on this is because anything that is a regular occurrence is 'vital' to the home and at some point in the future will be required of him anyway. If we start paying him now for things that will be required in the future we could be teaching him to expect payment for things that will be part of his 'contribution' to the family. When he's a tad older we'll start the allowance thing and that will be another discussion.

        Regardless… It's awesome that you're doing this with Asher at such a young age. Most people don't think this way with their children at all let alone when they're young and impressionable.

        • Awesome! Yeah, the system up in the post is a bit of a concern. It is similar to blogging. If you set up a blog with no advertising and then add ads at a later point people may not handle it well.

          You will be surprised about what Evan can do. I have been about Asher. He's three and he knows how to feed the dog. The dishes and laundry have to be taught a little more, but he is learning.

          Take care, brother. Thanks for the update and the great conversation!

          • Yea up until now we've sort of just had him help when he's interested and he does very well. But thanks to your post, starting today we're going to take it up a notch and have him start doing things on a regular basis! Maybe I'll post something regarding our progress in a few weeks. I'll keep you posted!

          • Awesome! I look forward to reading the post and seeing how things go. I have your blog on my GooReader so I will keep an eye out when the new post comes up.