Moose In My Backyard?

I walked onto my back porch the other day and was amazed to see four deer grazing in my neighbors small garden. I ran and got the camera. I took plenty of pictures of the deer eating their afternoon snack. Michele brought Asher out and he got to see the deer up close.

Afterward, there were high-fives, chest bumps, and a little bit of celebratory dancing to commemorate the moment.

Deer In Our Backyard

Deer In Our Backyard

And then my sister (unknowingly) one-up’d me and took the picture below of a female moose (a.k.a. cow) and her calves. She lives in Alaska, and apparently their backyard visitors are a little bit larger. This is an awesome photo and it was too incredible to pass-up mentioning it. Way to go, Alicia!

Moose In Alicia's Backyard

Comments (3)

  1. I have almost hit several Moose. One day I was going to a friends house and turned the corner onto their street and there was this big bull moose. It was crazy. They walk all over the roads here, particularly at sundown. They are awesome to see up close. I hope you see one.

  2. Wow. I never would have guessed. I think moose definitely would do a little more damage to your car than a deer. 🙂

    We will have to go looking for moose when we come to visit you. Talk about a site to see!