What Is Your Identity?

What is in an identity?

A few things over the past couple of weeks got me thinking about my identity and how identities change. First, my pastor brought up an interesting point about one of the parables Jesus told in Luke 16 (versus 19 – 31). While Lazarus was named in this parable, the rich man was not. In fact, during the entire parable, he is in fact only identified as “the rich man”.


Then, a few nights ago, Michele and I were talking about our son’s WEE School registration. The story had a funny twist in that Michele never actually got any names of the women she met. Instead, everyone introduced themselves as “Jake’s mom”, “Rachel’s mom”, “Peyton’s mom”, etc. Chele and I had a great laugh over that story, but it also got me thinking.

It amazes me how identities are so fluid… yet so important. Before Asher came along, I never had an identity as “Asher’s dad”. Before I met Michele, I never had an identity as “Michele’s husband”. I do now and they are identities I take very seriously.

Likewise, before I became a Christian, I never had the identity of “Leo: Christ disciple”. Before, I was more likely “Leo: pleasure seeker” or “Leo: wannabe rich man”.

I love my identity as “Leo: Christ disciple”. It is an important factor in my life because it sets the foundation of how I am going to approach each day. Through this identity, I live each day without fear, knowing God is always with me. This new identity also gives me purpose. Through my Christ-based identity, I now live each day so that I can have an impact on other people’s lives.

There are a few of my identities. What are some of yours?

Photo courtesy of Freddy The Boy on Flickr.