Destination: PHX

Asher and I are away on a four-day adventure in beautiful Phoenix, Arizona. For me, this is a fun trip for a few reasons:

  • While this is not technically Asher’s first airplane ride, this is the first one where he actually understands what we are doing. That means this is a whole new experience for him.
  • This is our first lengthy father-son trip away from Michele. Men, men, men.
  • This is Michele’s first real time alone and with few responsibilities since Ashe was born. I pray that she is getting the relaxation time she needs.

Even with all of that, Ashe and I miss Chele and vice-versa (or so I have been told on the phone). I thought it would be fun to capture a few moments during our trip and let Michele (and you) catch a glimpse of what we have been doing.

Day 1: Friday
Basically, Friday was a travel day. Ashe and I flew to Detroit, Michigan for a brief layover before finally arriving in Phoenix.

Here are a few of our moments: