A Nun and Her Things

Stop me if you have heard this one: “A nun is running in and out of a convent grabbing as many things as she can during a fire alarm…” Okay, okay, it is not a joke; however, this is the sight I thought I saw the other night when responding to a fire alarm at 12:30 in the morning.

We got dispatched to a convent near our fire station. My initial thought was “I did not know we had a convent around us.” To be honest, I guess I just never gave it much thought. What I saw when I arrived made for quite a story.

The Irony: What I Saw
When we arrived on the scene, the fire alarm was obviously going off. I saw about three or four nuns standing at the main entrance. I also saw one nun who was frantically quickly running up and down the stairs with things in tow. She would place a bunch of belongings by the front door and then head back upstairs again.

Seeing this, I was a bit shocked. “How ironic,” I thought. Here is a woman who has given her possessions away to devote herself to God and she is concerned about saving some things in the convent… and just for a fire alarm? I was blown away!!

The Truth: What Actually Happened
It turns out that the convent is a missionary convent and they help people who are in transition until they can get established. One of the ladies staying there was being required to leave due to some behavioral issues. This resident strongly disagreed with having to leave and she pulled the fire alarm pull station on the way out.

The resident was outside with the nuns when we arrived. What I referenced above was actually one of the nuns “assisting” the resident with bringing her belongings downstairs.