Growing Old(er)

Hair Growth, Me, and Growing Older

When did I become old(er)?

A couple of years ago for Christmas, I received two nose hair trimmers — not just one, but two. Was someone trying to tell me something? The funny thing is that, after a couple of months and after a lot of denial, I started to use them.

Then, a few days ago Ashe and I went to get a haircut and everything was normal. Big A completed his haircut, the barber was finishing mine — and that is when it happened. The barber clipped my eyebrows to thin them out. Really?? Am I at the stage in my life where my eyebrows are getting excessively bushy?

What is next, ear hair, a walker, a carry-along oxygen tank? Well, whether or not I like it old age is coming my way. And I just have one thing to say to you Old Age: “bring it, I am ready!!”

Comments (4)

  1. Would be hilarious to jump from eyebrow trim straight to oxygen tank!

    But I'm with you… Bring it on! Each stage/phase of life gets better!

    • Haha, yeah that would be pretty rough. But, I guess if I can hold out for a long while the eyebrow trim to oxygen tank transition might not be too rough.

      Oh yeah, each phase of life does get better. It makes it so much more fun transitioning through life with Michele and Ashe… and you. 😉