That’s Amore… Well Three-Year Olds Having Fun

Michele and I went to eat dinner with our friends, Matt and Bianca. While we talked and spent some time catching up, Asher and Caelyn (Matt and Bianca’s daughter) got to play.

Having been born one month apart, Ashe and Caelyn started nursery at almost the exact same time. They have grown up together in our church and have become good friends. The two always play great together and it is fun to watch them interact.

A few nights ago was classic. If you just looked at the pictures, you would think they were on their own little date. Looking at the pictures, though, did make me fast-forward years ahead. It is weird to think that one day Ashe will be going out on dates and will have an interest in girls.

For now I will cherish the innocence and happily listen while he just wants to play around.