Prayer, Faith, and Dropping the Bomb

My good friend, Jonathan, wrote an excellent article about prayer and faith. Here are a few of his thoughts.

Dropping the bomb on the ants!

sometimes I find myself saying, “Hey the least I can do is pray for you!” What a crock!

If the US Air Force accepted my invitation to execute military maneuvers in my backyard to destroy a nasty nest of Army ants (you gotta love the imagery) they would bring firepower that was more magnificent and vastly superior to any defense or assault the vicious insects could mount!

Asking the USAF for help would not be the least I could, that would the most extravagant, maybe even audacious thing I could do! Consider when we pray, we are inviting the divine and infinite source of power in and beyond this universe to move and accomplish His perfect will in our life. That is so far above “the least I can do”! Praying for people is less about what I want to do to help, but the privilege I have of inviting God to bring His strength and power to the table.

Please Stop Faking It, Rather I Hope You Faith It

The least I can do is fake it and mouth the request. The best I can do is faith it and sincerely trust in Him to do what only He can! Sincere prayer is where faith in God is strengthened, not solely by His fulfilling my request as I asked, but more, by the wonderful reality and promise of His Presence, His Purpose, and His Power that will ultimately brings His version of good into my life. Given the choice, I definitely want His version of good!

My prayer is that I hope I see God more as the One who can drop the most extravagant, audacious, and powerful bombs/answers to our requests instead of the one I just fake prayers to (which I think I do too often).