Sheep and Shepherd

I am reading Tim Laniak’s book called While Shepherds Watch Their Flocks.

While reflecting on his chapter about caring, it struck me deeply: we are both shepherd and sheep. Here is what I wrote.

Once, I was a lost sheep who responded to the call of the Shepherd.
Now, I am a rescued sheep who shepherds a part of the Shepherd’s whole flock.”

I will never presume to replace the work of the one true Shepherd. Despite that, as a leader within the church, I am called to assist with caring for His flock. Being called as a leader who serves the Lord, I should have, as Laniak says, “a compassionate heart for [His] individual sheep.”

So this is my prayer for today, that I will maintain compassion for the all of the Lord’s sheep: the rescued and the lost; the ones close to me and the ones from afar; the members of my LifeGroup and my family (so dear). I pray that the compassion I receive daily from the Shepherd is passed through me to the rest of His flock.