Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden Christmas Lights

For our second outing around the Charlotte area, in search of Christmas lights, we decided to head to Belmont, North Carolina. Belmont is home to the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden (DSBG). Around Christmas, the DSBG displays over 600,000 Christmas lights and it sounded like an excellent option.

The DSBG provides three options for looking at their incredible light display. The first option is to walk throughout the gardens. Lights outline garden paths, highlight fountains, and create a beautiful color explosion all over the grounds. You can also take a carriage ride around the front side of the gardens. The third option is to take a tram along the left side of the gardens, which provides a view of the garden and lights as a whole.

Other activities include a model train display, which Asher loved; a 16-foot orchid tree; Santa appearances; and various holiday events, such as Christmas carolers.

It was a great experience and visiting the DSBG looks to be added to our annual list of Christmas events.

*I hope the pictures below give you an idea of what the Daniel Stowe Botanical Garden has to offer around Christmas time, but I do not think they fully do them justice.