Grandmommy Blogging

The groomsmen, ring bearer, and Mom at Nick's wedding I know “mommy blogging” is blowing up all over the place, which is awesome. And, now, after about two years of poking and prodding, my mom has also started blogging. Mom is probably not in the aforementioned category because she is a grandmother (to our two children). So I will place her in the category of “grandmother blogging.”

Mom got her degree in English and she has wanted to write a book for a long time. The new blog gives Mom an outlet to begin writing on a more consistent basis until she feels ready to write her thoughts out in a more full-length manner. You can tell that Mom has an English degree. While my posts are more ramblings about the things that are on my heart, her posts are more well-written and in story format. A good example is her post titled “An Idyllic Evening.”

Please go by and check out her blog. Please also throw a comment her way. She is new to blogging and I know she could use the support.

As an added trivia bonus, the title Geriatric Thoughts came from my sister. Alicia thought it would be a funny name for Mom’s blog and it just stuck.