Regaining Perspective

This past week Michele and I spent quite a bit of time outside making the yard look better in preparation for an appraisal of our home. Admittedly, there was a bit of stress over how much the house would appraise for. Probably, and more importantly, we were concerned with what issues the appraiser might find as s/he looked over our home.

In my opinion, there was a little too much time and effort placed into concern/stress and preparation, but we wanted to present the best house possible to get the best appraisal we could.

Finally, the appraiser came and went. We were able to calm down. And a couple of hours later I took off for the fire station to work a half shift. Working at the fire station that night helped me. It helped me to regain perspective.

The first call we had after I arrived for duty was a general illness. There ended up not being anyone sick, but we came upon a homeless village of about thirty people. The roof over their heads was the overpass (pictured below).

Seeing this helped remind me that the possessions I have are not the things I will take with me through eternity. The homeless village also helped me to remember how incredibly blessed Michele and I are and that we are called to use some of those blessings to help others.

In a time when obsession over the house was beginning to take over, this reminder was perfect timing.

Home Sweet Home

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  1. I have heard about this in Charlotte, but have never seen it before….a strong reality check for living here. I mean, you can go to Africa and put that into a perspective for there. This is an impacting reality for my life here. Makes me more aware of my blessings and what I have taken for granted. Thanks for sharing your story and reflections Leo 🙂

    • Definitely! Thanks for reading this and checking it out. Seeing this village on the call really had an impact on me. I am glad it hit home for you as well!