Passing It Along: Experiences

But watch out! Be careful never to forget what you yourself have seen. Do not let the memories escape from your mind as long as you live! And be sure to pass them on to your children and grandchildren. – Deuteronomy 4:9, emphasis mine

Since Asher and Bechan have been born, Michele and I have tried to teach pass on God’s word to them. One thing Chele and I have not done much of, though, is sharing a lot of stories about God directly interacting in our lives. After recently reading the verse above, I think this is something we will need to improve.

Here is one story of God touching our lives over the past couple of months that we will be sure to share with Ashe and Becs.

Michele and I started doing part-time freelance web design and development about eight years ago. In 2006 we created our company, Triune Designs, to bring a little more structure to our work and drop the freelance title. Despite the fact that we had incorporated Triune, Chele and I still did the web work part-time while still working full-time in our other jobs.

When all of these changes were occurring we felt God had bigger plans for the company, but it was not the right time to take the step to full-time web design work. This year, God spoke to us and we knew it was time for Michele to quit her other job and work solely with TDI.

We knew this was what God wanted. We knew God was going go take care of us. We knew all of this and more, but the final step off the diving board was not easy.

Once we made the step leap, it was just God and us. There was nothing to bail us out and cover certain bills. That was (and is) a great place to be. In the face of fear, doubt, and second-guessing, the only thing getting us through these past few months is knowing God was going to take care of us… we knew he had our back and we did not need a bailout plan.

Since Michele has gone full-time with Triune, God has taken care of us each and every time. Whenever a bill has been due, the money arrived at the exact time we needed it in the amount we needed to pay.

This month, things were getting down to the wire. During a conversation, I told Chele that I was not sure God was going to send the money to pay a bill we needed to mail two days from then. Doubt was creeping in. The next day, I got a call from Chele and the money we needed had arrived in time for us to deposit it and mail it off. Wow!! I knew at that moment that if God was in the business of saying “take that” then I would be hearing it for months.

Since that doubt and subsequent Godly faithfulness, my decision is to not lose hope like I just mentioned. I desire to improve my faith in such a way that I will stay assured of things I cannot see (that are happening behind the scenes).

I tell this (rather long) story in hopes that it might provide you with some reassurance during times when you prepare to jump off the diving board while trusting God’s guidance.