Probably More Like My Life Than I Want

I recently signed up for Google’s Adsense. I do not expect to make any money off of it through my personal blog and part of that is on purpose. This is the one blog I (help) manage where I can write whatever I want without having to worry about schedules, content that fits in with the business’/blog’s theme, etc.

Mainly, practicing here with Adsense helps me get more knowledge so I can give more accurate advice and recommendations to our Triune Designs clients.

Unfortunately, when allowing advertisements, some content I do not want may get on the website. When setting up my ad account, I blocked almost 90% of the categories Google provides for advertisers. I did not want any inappropriate content to accidentally pop up on the sponsors section.

I think this plan has mostly worked so far, but I cruised over to the website today and saw a t-shirt ad. T-shirts are pretty cool, but unfortunately this ad was for naughty t-shirts. The funny thing is that this ad was right above another ad selling Bibles and right next to two posts talking about Deuteronomy and religion. I went back to my Google account and they have a new option where I can block specific ads in addition to the aforementioned categories. I am glad to see that and will begin sorting through the ads tomorrow once the functionality has been fully enabled.

My Life
Oh, and by the way, this two-ad combination is probably a pretty accurate metaphor for my life. Despite my faith and deep love for God, I have things in my life that I do not want to do, but I do them anyway. And there are things that are good that I want to do, but I do not. Check out Romans 7:14-25 for Paul’s teaching concerning this.

In the end, I continue to praise God for Jesus and His continuing effort towards my life and sanctification!!

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