Spider Recon

If I were a spider, I believe I would create a little spider military.

Do not get me wrong, I think that spiders are doing a great job at catching prey… and an unsuspecting 6’5″ guy constantly walking through one of their webs.

Where I believe spiders could benefit the most from a little bit of military organization is in the area of reconassaince. When vacuuming our house, I come across stray cobwebs quite a bit. That tells me two things. First, we probably should spray for bugs around the house. Second, there are a lot of disappointed and hungry spiders hanging around the inside of our home.

This is where the recon team could come in handy. The spiders could send an advance team in to scout out the area and check for potential flies, bees, small chihuahuas, etc. Then, they could report the current conditions back to base. Obviously, in our house, the recon team would report that food is very slim and they should move on to a more lucrative spot (perhaps our neighbor’s house, but that is just a suggestion).

This small bit of spider reorganization could save thousands of wasted man-hours spider-hours. Until that time, though, I will just have to continue to vacuum up the abandoned cobwebs.