Needing To Be More Diverse

The race to enter your child into the top preschools is pretty intense. In order to get Ashe into a good preschool up the street from us I had to get in line at 3:00 a.m. That is one reason why I find the clip below so funny. While I know the video probably be funnier if you watch the whole build-up, it was too good to not want to show it here.

Here is a quick lead-in to the video: On Modern Family, Mitchell and Cameron are trying to find a pre-school for their adopted daughter. They think they are a lock to get into one of the most prestigious schools around because every school is looking to claim they are very diverse. However, Mitchell and Cameron’s confidence falls apart when another couple walks in who is even more “diverse” than them.

Cameron (Tucker) is obviously feeling pressured to make themselves more diverse and here is the resulting interview with the preschool administrator.