The Bedtime Con

Asher has gotten very good at the bedtime con. What is the bedtime con? Well, it is using any reason he can think of to delay going to bed. I estimate that, at times, he has pushed his bedtime back by as much as thirty or forty minutes. Most of the time, though, he only gets a couple of extra minutes.

Since “bedtime con” sounds so cool, I thought it might be fun to make up some slick Oceans’s Eleven-sounding con names.

Here are a few:

1. The Long Trip
2. The Valentine’s Day
3. The Plumber’s Dream
4. The Hold-the-Ice
5. The Family Reunion
6. The Matrix
7. The Let’s-Make-A-Deal

Those are some of the ones we came up with. What are some of the ones you have?

Can you guess what each con is based on the name?