Icebreaker Question

Every night before our LifeGroup Bible study discussion, we ask a quick icebreaker question. Michele came up with the idea when we first started the group to help them loosen up, thus increasing their potential to participate. It has remained to this day because of popular demand from the group.

Michele’s question this week is one of the best we have had. The question was “which Bible character would you most like to be married to?” (We could not answer Jesus.)

Here are some of our answers. A lot of them are not the most “spiritual,” but they were funny and well thought out.

Noah: because you know you would survive the flood.
Eve: because you know you would at least got some food (uh, because they ate the apple).
Boaz: because of the romantic nature of marrying and protecting of Ruth.
Eve: because I am man enough to tell her I don’t want the apple.
Esther: because she stood up for her people and had faith that God would be by her side protecting her.
Peter – because you would be in the know since he was one of the twelve.
Bathsheba – because she was probably hot.
David – because he was probably hot.
One of Solomon’s daughters – because of the inheritance that was to come.
Rachel – because if she was worth the wait, she must have been pretty special.

A couple people also threw out a few people they would not like to be married to.
Hosea’s wife – because she kept adulterating and prostituting.
Leah: because no one wants to marry a woman whose face reminds you of cow eyes.

Those were some of our funny and serious answers, what about you? What people in the Bible would you want to marry and why? Who would you avoid marrying and why?