Loved In the Wilderness

For a while now, Chele and I have been in somewhat of a wilderness experience. We know the promises God has given us, but we are in a period of waiting… and waiting… and some more waiting. During this time, God has given us (what I believe is) our manna.

In this wilderness, I would be lying if I said it has been easy for us. It has not; things have been tight and, at times, incredibly uncomfortable. The beauty of it all, though, is the fact that God has provided for us at every moment. Everything we have needed and owed has been covered. In addition to that, I feel like all along this part of Michele’s and my faith walk, God has given us small gifts to savor and help build up our faith.

I came across this verse a few days ago when reading a little bit of Hosea. It reminds me of our current journey in the wilderness and, despite that (possibly) because of that, still feeling like we are cared for.

But then I will win her back once again. I will lead her into the desert and speak tenderly to her there,” Hosea 2:14 (emphasis mine).

Comments (2)

  1. This reminds me of the song we sang in the church in Dakar. I wrote the verse in the front of my Bible. "Et les os que tu as brise se rejouront" (and may the bones that you broke rejoice in you.). I read this verse this week in Psalms 51.8. Funny how God works through the pain in our lives.

    • It is funny how God works through everything. In fact, as I read through Deuteronomy, it is almost more dangerous to be in abundance because the mind begins thinking "I am doing all of this on my own" instead of truly relying on God. In our brokenness there is no one else to turn to except Him.