Playground For My Imagination

When I was young, I would play with Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars for hours without end. I would create these imaginary towns in my head and drive the cars through the town’s streets and roads.

I saw this carpet yesterday and it reminded me of the ones Mom and Dad would buy. It is very similar to the carpets they would buy and I would plop down on to play cars.

Looking at this carpet, I can still see the roadway around the perimeter of the carpet that would serve as my “expressway.”

Comments (2)

  1. Cliff, that rug is very similar to one we had. Reading your commentary and seeing that rug brought on so many memories; even your Grandmother Pat was amazed at how long you could concentrate on your cars and while playing keep them in such an orderly manner. Even in play at two, you were totally organized and focused. You have always had a good sense of self and I hope that never goes away. I really love not just you, but also who you are.

    • Thanks, Mom. I had a lot of memories swell back when I saw the rug.

      Thanks for your thoughts. I hope that never goes away also!