The Great Escape

Bechan is beginning to reach through the slats of her Child Arena for Gifted Excellence or as we affectionately call it, the CAGE. We have been putting toys just on the outside of the perimeter of her play area to let her have a challenge by grabbing them and bringing inside with her. She loves it and tries to grab anything she can, including the vacuum cord as it goes by.

A few days ago, Becs thought up a way to escape her confinement and put her plan into motion. She seized the opportunity and grabbed our poorly-placed CAGE keys when we were changing her diaper pail. After that she had an escape. Michele and I managed to track her down a few days later and Becs is safely in our custody again. Many thanks go out to our posse, shown below.

Here are some security camera photos that were taken during Bechan’s escape.

Bechan's Escape

Bechan's Escape

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  1. You know that little story would be funny if I hadn’t lost both you and Nick, at different times. Talk about your heart stopping. Like you, I called out a posse and we found both of you. You were found quickly, but it took us about an hour to find Nick.