The Injury

A few weeks ago I sprained my ankle. This injury has reminded me of how fragile my body really is and how dependent upon others I actually am (e.g. Michele has to drive me everywhere right now, I could not carry my daughter around for the first week, I cannot take my dog for a walk, etc.). An unexpected aspect of this is that I have also grown to appreciate the safety my boot provides and am extremely cautious when not wearing it.

I am in physical therapy right now rehabbing the ankle so I can get it back healthy enough to work my firefighter job again. I am also weaning my ankle off of the boot and hope to be rid of it within the next week.

Here are some photos taken during the first week following my injury. I hope to post the rehab photos later on.

Little Swelling
This is my ankle about an hour or so after my injury. I heard a tearing sound when I landed so I knew something was wrong. The swelling was not that bad at this point, but I had kept the ankle iced and elevated since injuring it.

My ankle soon after the injury

A Lot of Swelling
About five hours after injuring my ankle I was able to see my primary care doctor and he immediately referred me to an orthopedist. The swelling really increased here because I was going between rooms to take x-rays and was not able to elevate it.

In the doctor's office

The Bruising Remains
The swelling decreased later that night as I, again, kept it iced and elevated. As the swelling decreased, the blood filled in as bruising around both sides of my heel and toes. The blood also filled into my scar from a previous surgery.

Swelling decreases, but leaves some evidence

My Boot
This picture was taken at one of my follow-up appointments with my orthopedist and I was really hoping I would ditch the boot. Michele took a picture of me with the boot so we would remember it. Unfortunately, I was told that I had to wear the boot for a while longer until physical therapy cleared me.

My boot

Comments (4)

  1. OUCH! and other fine four letter words. I hate that you have to go through this again, but at least this time you have Michele and aren't alone. I think about you all the time and worry. It's a Mom thing. .

    • It is definitely healing nicely and continues to get stronger. Please do not worry about it one bit. It is just a good sprain and nothing more than time and exercise is needed. I will say it has been nice to have Chele around to drive me where I need to go. šŸ˜‰

  2. OK….this is why I'm NOT a nurse! This looks bad…I had no idea your ankle looked like this underneath the boot, which hides this all very well. I know it's been a big challenge for you, Michele and the little ones. Happy to know you are healing and will be boot free soon šŸ™‚

    • Haha, yeah it looked a little rough, but the ankle is starting to look normal again, which is a relief. It has been the roughest on Michele over these past few weeks, especially with having to drive me and the kids around everywhere. Things are starting to smooth out now.