Michele and I love the meanings of names. In fact, the meanings of our children’s names were at the top of the priorities list when choosing them. Asher means “happy; blessed.” Bechan means “solemn vow to God.”

So it does not come as a surprise to me when I check out names in the Bible and want to know their meanings. Some have awesome meanings, such as Asher. Some do not. That’s right, Leah, I am calling you out “weary eyes.” Then things really gets interesting when God instructs a prophet to name his child with a specific name to illustrate a point He is making. That is what I recently came across in Hosea 1.

Jezreel: God plants. son. (this one is a pretty good name)
Lo-ruhamah: Not loved. daughter. (that name is not exactly a morale booster)
Lo-ammi: Not my people. son. (this one falls somewhere between the older siblings’ names)

Although, it was one of the highest callings possible, being a prophet must have been a very difficult job. I think being a prophet’s child was not easy either.

Regardless of the meaning of the individual person’s name, though, the most important thing to remember is being told “you are children of the living God,” Hosea 1:10b. That is where the Lord was moving with such strong illustrations and I am glad to be reminded of his reconciliatory love in these verses. Without Him loving me first, I would still be lost.