Worshiping Old School Style

I have been listening to a set of class lectures offered at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. The class is a Bible Journey through the Old Testament.

While listening to Tim Laniak’s lecture about Psalms, he played an old audio clip that was a Ugaritic hymn. The hymn was found years ago. The song had enough information included with it (i.e. lyrics and notes) that someone was able to create her interpretation of how it would have sounded.

Now, to be clear, the Ugarites did not worship God so this hymn was not about Yahweh. However, as I listen to it I hear a worship song that is contemporary to what David probably heard and sang. Through that, I get a possible glimpse into how some of the Psalms might have sounded as David and the others wrote them to worship the Lord our God. How cool is that?

I got the song from mp3Bear.

More information about the Ugaritic song can be found here.