Battlefield: Earth

Similar to Rambo in his first movie and Bon Jovi in Blaze of Glory, our household did not attack first, but we drew first blood.

A few weeks ago, the yellow jackets mounted a hard-hitting aerial assault. First, they stung Chele when she was carrying wood through our front yard. They then hit me a week later when I was mowing the front lawn. That is when the Leo-Yellow Jackets Armistice of 2011 was dropped. Once again, it was war.

I partnered with my neighbor Michael. He has extensive knowledge dealing with yellow jackets and I was happy to have him as an ally. Together, armed only with a stick and a can of yellow jacket foam, we took on the two hives in my front yard.

We sent the stick in as our Special Forces ground unit. Our ground unit was able to find the base of operations for both locations and began striking deep into the heart of our enemy territory. When the enemy was alerted to our presence, they started to launch their formidable Air Force aerial units.

Utilizing Sun Tzu-esque battlefield knowledge, Michael employed a strategy of waiting until initial fights began launching. Once we saw them we then used our weapons to knock out the yellow jacket’s runways. As about twenty angry yellow jackets began their take-off procedures, we dropped the foam bomb on them and we were able to prevent any potential counterattacks. Through continued combined efforts from our ground team and aerial bombing units, we continued to repel any threats from our enemy and were finally able to destroy both of the bases.

You can see the post-battle aerial photos below. You can see the ground-assault team in one of the pictures. The advanced-aerial unit we used for the bombing efforts is still heavily classified and cannot be shown.

Old Yellow Jackets Nest

Old Yellow Jackets Nest

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