Happy 8th Anniversary, Chele

Eight years ago I covenanted in front of God, family, and friends to be a loving, faithful husband to my beautiful wife, Michele. I promised this to Michele regardless of whether we were in plenty, want, joy, sorrow, sickness, or health… and for as long as we are both alive. That still stands as one of the best decisions I have made in my life… and definitely one of the best promises I have made.

I am blessed to have her as part of my life and I am happy to celebrate eight years of sharing our lives together.

Here are snapshots of the past eight years together.

2011 Bechan’s Dedication
2011 Bechan's Dedication
Thanks, JP, for an awesome photo of our family.

2010 Nick and Heather’s Wedding
2010 Nick & Heather's Wedding

2009 Mountain Trip With Our LifeGroup
2009 Mountain Trip With Our LifeGroup

2008 Charleston/Isle of Palms Vacation
2008 Charleston Vacation

2007 Kannapolis Knights Game
2007 Kannapolis Knights Game

2006 Christmas In New York
2006 New York Christmas

2005 San Francisco
2005 San Francisco

2004 Folly Beach Vacation
2004 Folly Beach Vacation

2003 – After Our Wedding
2003 After Our Wedding

Comments (2)

  1. Dude and Dudette,
    Great pics and so wonderful and fitting a tribute to your love and covenant. Way to go God! Leo and Chele, you are inspirations!

  2. Thank you, Babe! It has been the absolute best 8 years of my life! God showed me How much He lives me when He put you in my life. I am indeed blessed to have married the man of my dreams and my best friend! I love you!