Mammoth Oaks Christmas Lights Update

I have had quite a few hits on my website from people searching for what happened to the lights show on Mammoth Oaks Ln in Charlotte, NC. Since so many people are coming to my website to find out what happened, I wanted to provide an update here.

Unfortunately, Mike is retiring the lights show at his house. A number of, what I can only imagine are, inconsiderate people caused quite a few problems last year and he was forced to make some difficult decisions. According to the letter Mike wrote on his website, he felt that it was best to shut the light show down over safety concerns and to reduce the amount of stress the unruly visitors were causing the neighborhood.

Our family will definitely miss seeing it every Christmas! Our little ones (and Chele and I) enjoyed seeing them every year.

If you want to read Mike’s letter, you can read it here: Mammoth Christmas

Here are a few links if you want to see some videos of his light show from years’ past:
December, 2009 from my blog
Mammoth Christmas Videos