Clean Water For Kids

Clean Water For Kids Asher is raising money to help provide clean drinking water for kids [and adults]. Our church is teaching the kids about “The Great Love:” loving God and loving our neighbors (Matthew 22:37-40). As part of the lesson, the church gave each child a small bottle and a challenge: raise $20 that goes directly to providing clean drinking water for people.

After church, Ashe approached Chele and me and asked us about wanting to raise the money. We sat down with him and talked about some ways he could raise the $20. During our discussion, Ashe came up with three ways to raise money. He is going to sell hearts that say “I like you” ($1); sweep people’s front walkways, porches, or steps ($2); and sell animal-stamped note cards ($5).

You can check out Asher’s blog at A Few More Minutes for all of the details. If you are interested in helping him raise money put a comment in his blog post and we will make sure he gets the comment.

He has to return the water bottle and all donations by March 18 and that is going to be our deadline for collecting money also.

You can also hit me up with any questions or thoughts.