Learning To Save, Learning To Be Generous

My friend, Nick “The Duse Abides” Dusenbury, is starting to write a new financial blog.

Nick used to write about finances and budgeting for an online publication and I would often read his articles there. After taking a writing hiatus Nick has decided to begin publishing his own blog. (Incidentally, he is using WordPress as his blogging platform of choice. Excellent choice, Nick!)

Nick has a background in accounting and finance. He currently works with with finance (and IT) at Forest Hill Church in Charlotte, NC.

Nick wraps up his first post, We Give Because It Was First Given To Us, by laying out his intentions for the Generous City blog. Take a minute to read below and to check out his blog.

What follows in these posts will be a combination of ways to be wiser with our money and our spending. Some of you may use that information so you can stretch your dollars and do more with your money. That’s not a bad thing at all, and it can reap some very good dividends. Mixed in with these posts will be other posts focused on generosity, mostly because I constantly need to challenge myself with reminders to live generously, and I would be greatly humbled if any of these posts were able to help you in your journey as a giver.