Warm Day Fun

Today’s high is 74 degrees and we are still in February! A beautiful, sunny, warm day demands some outdoor activities.

Ashe, Becs, and I took off for a walk around the neighborhood. I hope I got some sun to knock the ghost white off my legs.

If you live in Charlotte, I hope you were also able to get outside and enjoy the winter reprieve. If you don’t, I hope you are having some fun weather also.

Keeping Up With My Big Brother

Picking Clovers

Watching Out For Sis’

Taking A Break

Comments (5)

  1. Looks like Ashe was ready to defend his sister to the death! What a great big brother. I’m sorry I missed the walk…it looks like you had a lot of fun! 🙂

    • Yeah, he had his sword in hand and was ready to take on anyone who dared hurt us. He loved carrying that thing around. We definitely missed you, hopefully next time we will make it a foursome.