Asher’s Clean Water Project

Ashe has been busy making his cards in preparation for selling them to raise money for clean drinking water.

He’s been shopping, painting, stamping, cutting, tracing, and writing. When he initially talked about trying to raise money I am not sure he realized how much work would be behind preparing all of the items. Despite that, I am proud of Ashe as he has plugged away at each task and has done a good job.

Ashe already has five orders and has a few more weeks to continue raising money. If you are interested in getting some cards; an “I like you” heart; or your porch swept, Asher is your man. Every dollar spent on these goes directly to his fundraising efforts.

  1. “I like you” hearts are $1
  2. Sweeping front porches and front steps are $2
  3. Animal note cards are $5

Go to Asher’s post and add a comment to order the aforementioned items.

Front of Cards (As They Are Drying)

Front of Cards

Back of Cards (As They Are Drying)

Back of Card

“I Like You” Hearts All Ready To Be Delivered

Comments (1)

  1. Aunt Doris would liketo buy a set of the notecards with the trefoil. I’ll put the money into the mail tomorrow.