Fatal Attraction

I have always known that eating an excessive amount of red meat is not exactly healthy. This is especially true when you talk about eating bacon… mmmm, bacon.

Apparently, though, that thinking was completely understating the full impact of eating red meat. I always thought every person dies, but according to this news headline on Yahoo! “eating read meat increases chances of death.” So, if I have never eaten red meat before in my life can I remain immortal? Sweet!


Unfortunately, it is too late for me. I have already had plenty of bacon, hamburgers, and steak. As a result, I guess I have a good chance of dying someday. At least I enjoyed all of those yummy red-meat treats along the way – in moderation of course!

Now that we have solved this whole immortality thing, I think it is time to discover how to make people superheroes. I call dibs on Batman.

Comments (3)

  1. Have you tried the bacon cupcake? It’s like baked and syrup and pancakes! It’s awesome

  2. I’ll get you a batman sticker from my secret stash of superhero stickers at work… lol It might come in handy!