What Does A Firefighter Do?

Last week, Asher had a school project where he had to choose a job and learn more about it. Ashe wanted to learn more about firefighting because he thought “it is exciting and I love [my dad].” Yes, that was my heart just skipping a beat. While it is not necessarily a desire of mine for Ashe to become a firefighter, I thought it was cool he wanted to learn more about what I do.

We took a family trip to my station and I showed Ashe around the truck. Here are some pictures along with what we do.

Firefighting, of course. No talk about our job would be complete without talking about the most exciting part of our job.

Hazardous materials calls. I showed Ashe a four-gas meter and showed him how we monitor the air to see if anything bad is around us.

Inclement weather responses. We talked about how we have to go out in all types of weather and assist people who are in danger. Sometimes we have to even cut trees and other debris that is in the road or in the way of helping someone.

Water rescues.

Community service. Ashe is showing Becs a fire safety coloring book.

Medical calls. By far, these are the bulk of our call volume. I let him pretend he was helping Becs when she was injured.


These are some fun photos of Becs and Ashe around the fire truck.



Comments (3)

  1. They are too cute!! What a fun experience for Ashe. I love the one of him in gear!

  2. I think it is awesome that Ashe wants to be like his dad! From the first photo you can see those are some big shoes to fill. My prayer for him is that he become a man of integrity, honor and courage just like his dad. The world needs more men like this and I’m blessed to be married to one!!