Battlefield Earth: The Sequel

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not trying to kill you. – John Reese

That is a great quote from my newest favorite show on t.v., Person of Interest. I have actually lived with that same paranoia in one particular area of my life for about a year now.

Last summer, I was stung by a yellow jacket when I was mowing the grass. Apparently I had walked over their in-ground nest and was rudely informed of their presence. Over the course of a week, I found three additional nests in our front yard and had to destroy all of them.

Ever since I forcefully removed our unwanted guests, I have been incredibly paranoid about finding another yellow jacket nest in our yard. It has been on my mind so much that whenever I mow the yard I have constantly scanned for signs of yellow jackets. To be honest, I would be worried about mowing over another nest if even if I was mowing the lawn in the middle of winter, while it was heavily snowing, at 5:00 in the morning.

Well, my paranoia well-reasoned caution proved fruitful today because I found a new nest in our front yard. I gave the wasps their three- to five-foot cushion and began finishing mowing the rest of the yard. Unfortunately, I immediately freaked out and ran away from floating dandelion seeds that I caught in my peripheral vision. Yep, I was definitely on high-alert!

The yellow jackets will be taken care of over the next week and I will regain control of the yard yet again.

I do have to say that watching them today (and when I killed them last year,) they reminded me of jets taking off of an aircraft carrier. Under their normal routine, the wasps flew in and out of their nest with precision and order. A few landed in the nest and a few took off right afterward. Last year, when we began disrupting the nest, the yellow jackets came out in a way that was similar to attack planes taking off after having just been dispatched. It was crazy to see fifteen to twenty of them come rushing out of the hole at the same time with a single mindset of attacking me, their enemy.

It is time to bring out the heavy artillery.

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  1. Haha, it should be. We just use some wasp-killing foam. They cannot fly through the foam so it keeps the wasps in the hole. We let it die down, dig up some of the hole again, spray foam again, etc. Lather, rinse, repeat until we find the nest and destroy it.