Sunday Activities

We had a fun Sunday yesterday. We went to church in the morning, had a date (Chele and me) and played around (Becs and Ashe), and got some ice cream with Tamara’s family and Chele’s parents.

Heading Into Church

We first went to church and got to hear a great teaching about Ephesians 2:17-22. The sermon gave a valuable lesson about the unity of the church as all Christians come together to become God’s house and His temple. We do all of this through Jesus Christ who is our cornerstone.

This message hits home for me as I continue to reflect on having participated in the Ndjemane worship services this past February. What a time of celebration with both Americans and Sengalese worshiping together.

Beatty Park Walk


Chele and I have been swapping babysitting with Chele’s sister and her family. Yesterday was our turn. We went walking around Beatty Park so we could get out and enjoy the great weather.

Ice Cream By the Fountain


Comments (2)

  1. Looks like you guys had a full and great day! Love the pics!
    When Jonathan was giving this message, I too remembered our worship service in N’Djemane, Pastor Benoit reading this scripture from his Bible written in Serere, then translated to us in English….what a powerful message to share with us that day in the tiny, beautiful church! I will always remember 🙂

  2. Thanks, Julia. It was a great day. Yeah, it was awesome to flashback to that time in the church. I miss it and look forward to hopefully seeing it again in November.