Oil Change Time

One of the advantages of having a Jeep that has been lifted is that I can do a lot of the under-the-vehicle work without having to jack it up or drive on lift ramps. The additional bonus is that I can have the kids work on the Jeep with me without risking the possibility of a falling vehicle.

As the kids continue to grow older I hope to teach both of them how to do minor car repairs and maintenance. I have already had Asher “assist” me many times with oil changes, air filter cleaning, and other small jobs. This past Monday was Bechan’s turn. Becs hung out with me while I changed the oil. She learned some new words: “oil,” “filter,” and “socket.”

I figure by the time Becs is old enough for dating, no boy is going to be able to pull the old “my car just broke down” trick. Bechan will be knowledgeable enough that she will jump out and “fix” the problem for him right away.