House Fire Video

Last night, we were the first-arriving company to a house fire on Clemson Ave. The video in the link below is a raw video taken by an eyewitness. The video shows us initially putting the fire out and then it skips back to the time period where the fire was free burning and we had not yet arrived.

We used a 2 1/2″ hose (our larger attack line) to knock down enough fire for us to make entry into the house. We then began putting out the fire on the first floor of the house. Two additional companies used two separate 1 3/4″ hoses to put out the fire on the second floor.

When watching the video, you can barely see us just behind the trees in the house’s driveway spraying the initial water on the fire before the video jumps back to the beginning of the fire.

Clemson Ave House Fire

clemson ave fire ladder at roof

clemson ave fire ladder 4

clemson ave fire

clemson street fire august 4

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  1. Your job is so cool!!! What a raging fire! So happy for you that you had an awesome fire to fight. I know it’s the highlight of your job for you. Woo Hoo!