Maslow In Real Life

Back when I was in school, I learned about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Essentially, Maslow’s theory was that as one need is met, people move onto their next need that is unmet. At the time, it seemed like a very sound concept and one that appeared to be true. Despite that, though, it was only a theory that had very little actual application in my life.

This year’s visit allowed me to see Maslow’s hierarchy lived out in real life. I had the opportunity to be able to talk with some of the leaders of our host organization and of Ndjemane. This year, their prayer requests were slightly different from in the past. When my church first arrived in Ndjemane, two of their major prayer requests were for water and for healthcare.

Over the years, God has answered those prayers. We have sent multiple medical clinics to the village and they now have accessible water.

When we first came to Ndjemane, the villagers had to travel for about an hour every day or two to get water from the closest water source. Just getting water had an incredible impact on their lives. Through donations, our church was able to raise enough money to provide the equipment and supplies needed to bring water directly into the village.

There are now four different water spigots located throughout the village. Nowadays you can walk out to any given water spigot and you will see dozens of five-gallon water containers waiting to be filled. The village of 2,500 now has easily accessible water. Basic need met; moving on.

This year, the needs had shifted slightly. The leaders of the village were interested in installing a grain silo. Obviously, the silo would allow them to better withstand drought situations like they are experiencing this year. I am not sure how or even if Forest Hill will play a part in helping Ndjemane get a grain silo. There are a lot of discussions between our host organization, Ndjemane, and other villages about sharing a common silo(s), etc. so they can figure out the best approach for the future of the area.

I hope they are able to get some type of grain storage system set up. I wonder if, as that need is met, what would be their next need that needs to be addressed. I will have to checkmout Maslow’s chart for that information. For now, though, I rejoice in the fact that a village very close to my heart can get water with limited work and effort.