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Well, I wrote a blog post about my thoughts about the upcoming week while I was on the plane. I cried, I laughed, I may have drooled a couple of times. Nonetheless, I believe it may have very well been my life’s greatest work. My piece de resistance. WordPress did not agree. The app deleted my post.

So, here is the other blog post I wrote talking about our schedule for this week.

As Asher and I were walking to school Thursday morning, I talked with him about where we were going. I told him that when I first started going all he knew was that I was going to Africa. The next couple of times he knew I was going to Senegal on the African continent. This time, I thought he might like to know where we are supposed to be. So, here you are, Asher.

Friday: Arrive in Dakar, Senegal. (Dakar is the capital city of Senegal)
Saturday: Arrive in Thies.
Sunday: Church in Diemane
Monday: Medical clinic in Diemane
Tuesday: Medical clinic in Ndolndol (I have not idea where this is. We have never been to this village.)
Wednesday: Medical clinic in Ngaskop
Thursday: Medical clinic in Thies
Friday: Return to Dakar
Saturday: Return to Charlotte

If you are not already doing so, you can check out our team blog posts at Charlotte To Senegal. Every day, a team member will share some of their thoughts, experiences, or stories from the trip. We will also upload some photos from that respective day.

I thought Asher might like some of the extra airplane photos. Chele, you can also show Asher the dinner I had last night to make him feel better about the awesome food you are feeding him. Haha!











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  1. I love your pictures, Daddy! I can’t wait to show you EyeBrawl! I keep forgetting Ngaskop but the good thing is I remembered the other ones. I can’t wait to tell my class that you are having an awesome trip in Senegal. Love you, Daddy! (Bechan says love you too!)

  2. I would like to add that Asher said he would not like to eat the airplane food! We miss you but are glad your trip is going well. Can’t wait to see more pictures and hear how God uses your team this week!

  3. Wonderful to hear from you and see you all. Sorry you lost the Pulitzer prize worthy submission. With a great mind as yours, should be easy to recall and add your name to the literary masters! Praying for you!