The Many Outfits of Becs

Becs had a busy day yesterday doing work around the house and performing for Alicia and me. Notice the three different outfits she had on in the one day.

House Repairs
Becs loves to help. Yesterday, she asked to help me while I patched up a big hole at the end of our hallway.

She wore her princess pajamas and princess high heels.


Cleaning the Windows
Ashe and Becs were cleaning the windows. Ashe has a lot of patience with her while he is trying to do his weekly work. This time, Becs is wearing her pink tutu.


Our Matinee
Bechan sang this same song multiple times prior to me recording this video. The song in this performance must have been the dramatic portion of her performance.

Notice the cue to clap and the humble acceptance of that applause. 🙂

Thank you, thank you.