We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Pool

While visiting Mom in July we blew up a baby pool and let the kids goof around in a little bit of water to stay cool. After putting away the pool one day, we let the Bechan and her cousin, Aliza, play outside for a little bit longer.

What we did not realize was that Asher had filled up an adjacent container with water so he could easily fill up his water gun. We missed it, but Becs did not. She saw opportunity in that small container. She saw an even smaller baby pool that was not being utilized. She went to fixing that problem.

Here is what we found.




One curious deer and two curious kids make for a great picture. The kids were excited to see the deer and sat down to check him out. The deer watched them intently also.

What ensued was a good ol’ fashioned stare down contest.

(You might not be able to see the deer, but he is at the top of the driveway in the shade.)


Tamara & Rian’s Mission Trip

Tamara and Rian are giving a presentation about their mission trip to Honduras. They served at a deaf school during their trip.

It sounds like it was a great opportunity for them to let God build them up and let them grow while having a lot of time to serve the many kindergartners through sixth graders.


Daddy-Daughter Date Week: Day 2

Today, Becs and I took in an early matinee to see Disney's new movie, Brave. This was Bechan's first movie in a theater and she had a great time. I enjoyed the movie. It must have been good because Becs sat still through almost the entire film.

Later in the day, we found out that Matthews has a farmers market every Tuesday evening during the summer. The little one and I headed to the farmers market to listen to some live music and check out what the farmers were offering. Bechan was introduced to Van Morrison's Brown Eyed Girl and Moondance played on the acoustic guitar.

Chele and Ashe, Becs and I miss you! Keep having fun at the beach.


On A Hot Summer’s Day

We went out for a walk today while it was still 103 degrees outside. I think I know what it now feels like to walk on the surface of the sun. Actually it was not that bad because the humidity is still relatively low (as compared to July or August. Most of the walk was in the shade and it was pretty comfortable.

I even got a little kiss from the pretty little lady in pink.


Oil Change Time

One of the advantages of having a Jeep that has been lifted is that I can do a lot of the under-the-vehicle work without having to jack it up or drive on lift ramps. The additional bonus is that I can have the kids work on the Jeep with me without risking the possibility of a falling vehicle.

As the kids continue to grow older I hope to teach both of them how to do minor car repairs and maintenance. I have already had Asher “assist” me many times with oil changes, air filter cleaning, and other small jobs. This past Monday was Bechan’s turn. Becs hung out with me while I changed the oil. She learned some new words: “oil,” “filter,” and “socket.”

I figure by the time Becs is old enough for dating, no boy is going to be able to pull the old “my car just broke down” trick. Bechan will be knowledgeable enough that she will jump out and “fix” the problem for him right away.



Dirt Track Racin’

A little under a year ago, Mom interviewed a local race car driver as part of her job as a writer with the area newspaper. She really enjoyed talking with the driver and his father while touring their race car garage. Part of her assignment also included going to one of the Saturday night dirt track races to watch him race.

Through that, we found out Mom has a dirt track ten minutes away from her house. She went to watch the race and Mom told me it was a lot of fun. After picking up my jaw off the ground, we decided it would be worth trying to take the family. I had been to a handful of NASCAR races and enjoyed them, but had never been to any races on dirt. It sounded interesting.

Last night was our first adventure into the world of dirt track racin’. We pulled for the driver Mom interviewed, Rusty Ballenger; ate snow cones; and watched a bunch of race cars make a lot of left turns.