First Time

It has been a long time since I threw up some songs that are frequenting my iPhone. In fact, the last time did a post about some of my songs was last May. I think am very eclectic in my music tastes and believe it will be fun to share what I am listening to. Some songs are new, some are old, but either way the ones I post are getting played quite a bit throughout the week.

Today I am sharing First Time by Lifehouse. This week I have been wanting to listen to songs that are upbeat and fast-paced. First Time gave me exactly what I wanted to hear while I worked and worked out.

It’s Time To Dance

This past Saturday night my friends, Amy and Scott, told us a story about when they first started dating. A few months into their new relationship they had to attend a wedding together. Amy began seriously quizzing Scott on how good of a dancer he was. From what they say, Scott told her that he was a great dancer and pranked her by displaying some of the worst dancing moves possible. They said Amy watched in horror.

Unfortunately for me, Scott’s “worst” moves are probably much better than my actual best, but I am not jealous. That is just who God made me to be. Well, my good friend, JP, showed me this video yesterday and it is a classic. I think Scott can use this to add a few more moves to his dancing repertoire.

Double Dream Feet

Double Dream Hands

Drinking Problems

I recently got back from a week-long medical mission trip to Senegal. Before we left, I purchased a wide-mouthed water bottle so I would always have water to drink. I brought it back with me and am using it to try and keep track of how much water I drink in an effort to stay better hydrated. The problem is that I am struggling with the wide mouth and continue to spill water all over me.

It reminds me of this scene from Airplane, where Ted begins to develop a similar drinking problem while on a mission trip to Africa. Check it out below:

View From A Plane

This is a pretty cool video of the space shuttle Discovery taking off. A quick-thinking airplane passenger took video on his iPhone and recorded their view of the take-off from their flight.

One thing to note from the flight deck is great pilot humor: “Those on the right side can see the space shuttle. Those on the left side can probably see the people on the right side looking at the space shuttle.”

Thanks to Yahoo for the info and space shuttle video recommendation.

Three Point Turn

Asher loves his little F150 and drives it all around our backyard. Watching him learn to drive is quite humorous, though. Ashe has this huge area to make a three point turn and about 15 “turns” later finally gets pointed in the right direction. It reminds me of one of the scenes from Austin Powers, which is show below:

Asher Driving

Basketball Physics

This is an amazing free throw. The ball just stops on the front of the rim and hangs out for a few seconds. I have never seen anything like it.

On another note, props to my buddy, Matt. At the end of one of our games he chucked the ball almost the full length of the basketball court and drained it. I had never seen it done in person before then.

Thanks to the blog the Dagger on Yahoo for the heads-up.