Our Schedule

Well, I wrote a blog post about my thoughts about the upcoming week while I was on the plane. I cried, I laughed, I may have drooled a couple of times. Nonetheless, I believe it may have very well been my life’s greatest work. My piece de resistance. WordPress did not agree. The app deleted my post.

So, here is the other blog post I wrote talking about our schedule for this week.

As Asher and I were walking to school Thursday morning, I talked with him about where we were going. I told him that when I first started going all he knew was that I was going to Africa. The next couple of times he knew I was going to Senegal on the African continent. This time, I thought he might like to know where we are supposed to be. So, here you are, Asher.

Friday: Arrive in Dakar, Senegal. (Dakar is the capital city of Senegal)
Saturday: Arrive in Thies.
Sunday: Church in Diemane
Monday: Medical clinic in Diemane
Tuesday: Medical clinic in Ndolndol (I have not idea where this is. We have never been to this village.)
Wednesday: Medical clinic in Ngaskop
Thursday: Medical clinic in Thies
Friday: Return to Dakar
Saturday: Return to Charlotte

If you are not already doing so, you can check out our team blog posts at Charlotte To Senegal. Every day, a team member will share some of their thoughts, experiences, or stories from the trip. We will also upload some photos from that respective day.

I thought Asher might like some of the extra airplane photos. Chele, you can also show Asher the dinner I had last night to make him feel better about the awesome food you are feeding him. Haha!











You Never Know

Today, we were dispatched to a medical call, but could not find the patient. We waited on scene to get a better location for the possible patient.

While we waited, we parked next to Time Warner Cable arena. We looked to our left and saw circus elephants about to walk in front of our fire truck! They were on their way into the arena to perform for the circus.

One of the best parts of our job is you never know what you are going to encounter on any given call. This time we got to hang with some circus elephants. I am sure it is a moment the elephants will never forget.




Longer or Shorter Journey

This is what the new Google Maps app recommended as two possible destinations where I might need directions.

One location is just up the street. Getting to the first location listed might require a little more than simply being able to take a car, use public transit, or walking to Australia.

Surprisingly, when I tried getting directions, no routes were found.


I’ve Lost That Cleaning Feeling

We just arrived in the St. Louis area in our return trip home.

Upon entering the room I found this sign laying next to the sink.

“Aww, that is incredibly sweet. They honored our privacy by not cleaning our room…”(cue screeching sound) “wait a minute!!! We just arrived. There was no need to honor our privacy. They just needed to clean our room.”

My goal tonight is to not touch anything. 🙂


Email Subscriptions

If you follow the Charlotte to Senegal blog I recently changed over the email subscription service to utilize WordPress’ powerful email system and to try and reduce the number of plugins used on the blog.

I have been planning on doing this with my blog as well. That time is now. After this post’s email, you should see another email from me and WordPress telling you that you have subscribed to my blog with your given email address.

If you still want to follow along then confirm your subscription. If you think you have had enough and want to move on to bigger and better things then simply ignore the email and you will not be added.

If you decide this is the end of the road with my blog then I completely understand and thank you for the time you have taken to follow along with me and my thoughts! I have truly appreciated it.

Senegal November 2012

I am back in Senegal again with a mission team from my church, Forest Hill. This trip we are assisting the village’s church by teaching the church members stories from Genesis and how they point to Jesus. This is valuable to the church because until very recently the Old Testament was not translated into Serere and many people do not know this part of Scripture.

As I write, we are driving from Dakar to Thies and the trip has been incredibly smooth so far. Our planes were on time and the wait times, both during the layover and during the flight, seemed to fly by. Everyone got through customs and to the bus without any issues. I am thankful to God for all of this and for providing such a relaxing way to begin our mission trip.

The verse I continue to hold close to me for this trip is 1 Thessalonians 2:8.

We loved you so much that we shared with you not only God’s Good News but our own lives, too.

I pray that the people in the village do see how much we love them.





House Fire Video

Last night, we were the first-arriving company to a house fire on Clemson Ave. The video in the link below is a raw video taken by an eyewitness. The video shows us initially putting the fire out and then it skips back to the time period where the fire was free burning and we had not yet arrived.

We used a 2 1/2″ hose (our larger attack line) to knock down enough fire for us to make entry into the house. We then began putting out the fire on the first floor of the house. Two additional companies used two separate 1 3/4″ hoses to put out the fire on the second floor.

When watching the video, you can barely see us just behind the trees in the house’s driveway spraying the initial water on the fire before the video jumps back to the beginning of the fire.

Clemson Ave House Fire

clemson ave fire ladder at roof

clemson ave fire ladder 4

clemson ave fire

clemson street fire august 4