Daddy-Daughter Date Week: Day 1

Michele and Asher are living large down at the beaches of Florida. Meanwhile, Becs and I are holding down the fort here on the home front.

I thought it would be fun to have a different date with Bechan every day this week while it is just the two of us.

Tonight, the two of us cruised over to Chick-fil-a to eat some dinner and let her play on the playground.


Battlefield Earth: The Sequel

Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they’re not trying to kill you. – John Reese

That is a great quote from my newest favorite show on t.v., Person of Interest. I have actually lived with that same paranoia in one particular area of my life for about a year now.

Last summer, I was stung by a yellow jacket when I was mowing the grass. Apparently I had walked over their in-ground nest and was rudely informed of their presence. Over the course of a week, I found three additional nests in our front yard and had to destroy all of them.

Ever since I forcefully removed our unwanted guests, I have been incredibly paranoid about finding another yellow jacket nest in our yard. It has been on my mind so much that whenever I mow the yard I have constantly scanned for signs of yellow jackets. To be honest, I would be worried about mowing over another nest if even if I was mowing the lawn in the middle of winter, while it was heavily snowing, at 5:00 in the morning.

Well, my paranoia well-reasoned caution proved fruitful today because I found a new nest in our front yard. I gave the wasps their three- to five-foot cushion and began finishing mowing the rest of the yard. Unfortunately, I immediately freaked out and ran away from floating dandelion seeds that I caught in my peripheral vision. Yep, I was definitely on high-alert!

The yellow jackets will be taken care of over the next week and I will regain control of the yard yet again.

I do have to say that watching them today (and when I killed them last year,) they reminded me of jets taking off of an aircraft carrier. Under their normal routine, the wasps flew in and out of their nest with precision and order. A few landed in the nest and a few took off right afterward. Last year, when we began disrupting the nest, the yellow jackets came out in a way that was similar to attack planes taking off after having just been dispatched. It was crazy to see fifteen to twenty of them come rushing out of the hole at the same time with a single mindset of attacking me, their enemy.

It is time to bring out the heavy artillery.

Movie Genres

Michele’s and my friend. Rian, has a statistics homework assignment due soon and needs some people to help her.

So, your mission, should you choose to accept it is to answer the following question using the comments below:

What is your favorite movie genre: romance, comedy, action, horror, or sci-fi?

My Beautiful Wife

It is a rarity nowadays for Michele and me to get a photo together. It seems that either Chele is taking a photo of the kids and me or vice-versa. Julia was kind enough to take a picture of us immediately following Amy and Scott’s wedding. Thanks, Julia, for giving us a current photo with each other.


What Does A Firefighter Do?

Last week, Asher had a school project where he had to choose a job and learn more about it. Ashe wanted to learn more about firefighting because he thought “it is exciting and I love [my dad].” Yes, that was my heart just skipping a beat. While it is not necessarily a desire of mine for Ashe to become a firefighter, I thought it was cool he wanted to learn more about what I do.

We took a family trip to my station and I showed Ashe around the truck. Here are some pictures along with what we do.

Firefighting, of course. No talk about our job would be complete without talking about the most exciting part of our job.

Hazardous materials calls. I showed Ashe a four-gas meter and showed him how we monitor the air to see if anything bad is around us.

Inclement weather responses. We talked about how we have to go out in all types of weather and assist people who are in danger. Sometimes we have to even cut trees and other debris that is in the road or in the way of helping someone.

Water rescues.

Community service. Ashe is showing Becs a fire safety coloring book.

Medical calls. By far, these are the bulk of our call volume. I let him pretend he was helping Becs when she was injured.


These are some fun photos of Becs and Ashe around the fire truck.



Fatal Attraction

I have always known that eating an excessive amount of red meat is not exactly healthy. This is especially true when you talk about eating bacon… mmmm, bacon.

Apparently, though, that thinking was completely understating the full impact of eating red meat. I always thought every person dies, but according to this news headline on Yahoo! “eating read meat increases chances of death.” So, if I have never eaten red meat before in my life can I remain immortal? Sweet!


Unfortunately, it is too late for me. I have already had plenty of bacon, hamburgers, and steak. As a result, I guess I have a good chance of dying someday. At least I enjoyed all of those yummy red-meat treats along the way – in moderation of course!

Now that we have solved this whole immortality thing, I think it is time to discover how to make people superheroes. I call dibs on Batman.

Asher’s Clean Water Project

Ashe has been busy making his cards in preparation for selling them to raise money for clean drinking water.

He’s been shopping, painting, stamping, cutting, tracing, and writing. When he initially talked about trying to raise money I am not sure he realized how much work would be behind preparing all of the items. Despite that, I am proud of Ashe as he has plugged away at each task and has done a good job.

Ashe already has five orders and has a few more weeks to continue raising money. If you are interested in getting some cards; an “I like you” heart; or your porch swept, Asher is your man. Every dollar spent on these goes directly to his fundraising efforts.

  1. “I like you” hearts are $1
  2. Sweeping front porches and front steps are $2
  3. Animal note cards are $5

Go to Asher’s post and add a comment to order the aforementioned items.

Front of Cards (As They Are Drying)

Front of Cards

Back of Cards (As They Are Drying)

Back of Card

“I Like You” Hearts All Ready To Be Delivered