Saturday Night Racing

Ashe and I have made it a tradition to hang out at the dirt track Saturday nights when we are at Mom’s. Ashe even asked about going to the race track tonight while driving up here.

Alicia even joined us tonight, which is always great!

As always, we are pulling for Rusty Ballenger. driving the neon orange #29.






The Many Outfits of Becs

Becs had a busy day yesterday doing work around the house and performing for Alicia and me. Notice the three different outfits she had on in the one day.

House Repairs
Becs loves to help. Yesterday, she asked to help me while I patched up a big hole at the end of our hallway.

She wore her princess pajamas and princess high heels.


Cleaning the Windows
Ashe and Becs were cleaning the windows. Ashe has a lot of patience with her while he is trying to do his weekly work. This time, Becs is wearing her pink tutu.


Our Matinee
Bechan sang this same song multiple times prior to me recording this video. The song in this performance must have been the dramatic portion of her performance.

Notice the cue to clap and the humble acceptance of that applause. 🙂

Thank you, thank you.

Leaf Pile O’ Fun

The best entertainment we could find for under $1 was the large number of leaves in our front yard. We were finally able to tackle the leaves today and, as is common with most families, the kids wanted to play in the giant pile of leaves.

Interesting Facts About Today
Asher suggested that we ask one of our neighbors if we could collect their leaves on another day so we could play in them also. I told him we could do it for free. He suggested that we pay them $1 so we can make sure they will let us.

Playing in the leaves is a much better motivator to rake leaves than extra allowance money. As the pile got bigger, Asher was excited and started raking with me to speed up the process.

Finally, yes, Becs is wearing a leotard while playing in the leaves. She put it on right before picking up Ashe from school.










One curious deer and two curious kids make for a great picture. The kids were excited to see the deer and sat down to check him out. The deer watched them intently also.

What ensued was a good ol’ fashioned stare down contest.

(You might not be able to see the deer, but he is at the top of the driveway in the shade.)


Bechan’s 2nd Birthday

Today, Bechan turned two! We got to celebrate with Becs all day today and on Sunday, also.

Sunday, we had a family party to celebrate Michele’s mom’s and Bechan’s combined birthdays. (They are three calendar days apart.)

Michele made cupcakes and decorated them to look like a teddy-graham beach. As you can see, Becs really loved them.





Today, Becs had quite a few activities. She went with us to Asher’s school to eat lunch with his class. She got to celebrate with them for a little while in the cafeteria. Afterward, Becs went with her cousin, Aliza, to Monkey Joe’s to play on the inflatables. As you can see from the pictures, she had a blast.

We then picked up Asher from school and went to Dairy Queen for some ice cream. Becs was so tired by the end of it she did not even make it half way home before falling asleep in the car.

Happy birthday, Bechan!









Sunday Activities

We had a fun Sunday yesterday. We went to church in the morning, had a date (Chele and me) and played around (Becs and Ashe), and got some ice cream with Tamara’s family and Chele’s parents.

Heading Into Church

We first went to church and got to hear a great teaching about Ephesians 2:17-22. The sermon gave a valuable lesson about the unity of the church as all Christians come together to become God’s house and His temple. We do all of this through Jesus Christ who is our cornerstone.

This message hits home for me as I continue to reflect on having participated in the Ndjemane worship services this past February. What a time of celebration with both Americans and Sengalese worshiping together.

Beatty Park Walk


Chele and I have been swapping babysitting with Chele’s sister and her family. Yesterday was our turn. We went walking around Beatty Park so we could get out and enjoy the great weather.

Ice Cream By the Fountain


Asher’s Clean Water Project

Ashe has been busy making his cards in preparation for selling them to raise money for clean drinking water.

He’s been shopping, painting, stamping, cutting, tracing, and writing. When he initially talked about trying to raise money I am not sure he realized how much work would be behind preparing all of the items. Despite that, I am proud of Ashe as he has plugged away at each task and has done a good job.

Ashe already has five orders and has a few more weeks to continue raising money. If you are interested in getting some cards; an “I like you” heart; or your porch swept, Asher is your man. Every dollar spent on these goes directly to his fundraising efforts.

  1. “I like you” hearts are $1
  2. Sweeping front porches and front steps are $2
  3. Animal note cards are $5

Go to Asher’s post and add a comment to order the aforementioned items.

Front of Cards (As They Are Drying)

Front of Cards

Back of Cards (As They Are Drying)

Back of Card

“I Like You” Hearts All Ready To Be Delivered