Double Date

Michele and I have been talking about taking the kids out on dates for a while. Yesterday, we finally did it. Chele took Ashe to see Despicable Me 2, which sounded awesome. I took Becs to play board games and puzzles at Panera Bread.

It’s game time!!


The Many Outfits of Becs

Becs had a busy day yesterday doing work around the house and performing for Alicia and me. Notice the three different outfits she had on in the one day.

House Repairs
Becs loves to help. Yesterday, she asked to help me while I patched up a big hole at the end of our hallway.

She wore her princess pajamas and princess high heels.


Cleaning the Windows
Ashe and Becs were cleaning the windows. Ashe has a lot of patience with her while he is trying to do his weekly work. This time, Becs is wearing her pink tutu.


Our Matinee
Bechan sang this same song multiple times prior to me recording this video. The song in this performance must have been the dramatic portion of her performance.

Notice the cue to clap and the humble acceptance of that applause. 🙂

Thank you, thank you.

Playground Fun

I hung out with Bechan today while she played on the playground. Here are a couple of picture I got

Do Not Cal 911
We were playing on the toy car and I think we may have accidentally simulated a toy car accident. Luckily she jumped out of the way with her lightning quick speed.

Actually, I was just trying to get her to smile while she was jumping and this was the picture I got. I liked the photo I got so we moved on.


The Mystery of Swings
I now get sick when I swing for even a few minutes, but there is no denying how much kids love to swing.

The first picture is a little blurry, but that is because Becs hit Mach 1 on that swing. It was quite impressive and I love seeing the joy on her face in the photo.



“Dress”ing Up

Bechan has always loved to dress up, but her interest in wearing her play dresses and heels has grown exponentially over the past month. She wears her play outfits all over the place right now.

A couple of days ago I took Becs to WalMart with me. I lost the battle of the wills so I took her with me while she wore one of her princess dresses and play heels. In fact, I brought her tennis shoes along just in case, but she never needed them.

Yesterday, Ashe went to play with his buddies down the street and Becs wanted to be outside also. Becs and I hung out and she wore her princess outfit everywhere we went. Bicycling? No problem. Playing ball? No problem. Playing with Asher’s Star Wars Nerf rifle? Let’s do it!







Leaf Pile O’ Fun

The best entertainment we could find for under $1 was the large number of leaves in our front yard. We were finally able to tackle the leaves today and, as is common with most families, the kids wanted to play in the giant pile of leaves.

Interesting Facts About Today
Asher suggested that we ask one of our neighbors if we could collect their leaves on another day so we could play in them also. I told him we could do it for free. He suggested that we pay them $1 so we can make sure they will let us.

Playing in the leaves is a much better motivator to rake leaves than extra allowance money. As the pile got bigger, Asher was excited and started raking with me to speed up the process.

Finally, yes, Becs is wearing a leotard while playing in the leaves. She put it on right before picking up Ashe from school.









We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Pool

While visiting Mom in July we blew up a baby pool and let the kids goof around in a little bit of water to stay cool. After putting away the pool one day, we let the Bechan and her cousin, Aliza, play outside for a little bit longer.

What we did not realize was that Asher had filled up an adjacent container with water so he could easily fill up his water gun. We missed it, but Becs did not. She saw opportunity in that small container. She saw an even smaller baby pool that was not being utilized. She went to fixing that problem.

Here is what we found.